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About David Weinstein

My interest in photography probably began around 8th grade. I’ve always been a huge music fan and thankfully some VERY understanding parents took my friends and me to concerts well before any of us were able to drive. There were a few times I’d been able to borrow cameras from friends to take pictures of the shows I attended. Cost to me: only copies of the pictures.


As you can imagine, by the time I was 16, friends and I would camp out at venues or Ticketmaster one or two days before tickets were sold to secure seats in the front rows. The photography got better. Pictures were sharper. I even purchased my first camera while a sophomore in high school. Soon it became more than just concert photography. A few pictures for the school newspaper. Pictures of our student radio station. This was fun.

 In 1979, with a few years of radio and nightclub dj’ing under my belt along with 3 years of camera retail experience, change was in order. I spent part of the summer of 79 traveling cross country and decided Las Vegas was going to be the place for me to re-energize and refocus myself.


I fell back to what I knew best. Upon relocation I began to DJ at clubs. Mobile dj’ing weddings. I Managed a large camera retail department. Then came the Nevada Camera club. Now I began to photograph National Parks and Monuments. Models and ghost towns. Sporting events and theater. Then came the day one of my co-workers asked my to photograph her wedding. This led to more weddings; Bar / Bat Mitzvahs, quincierra and magazine shoots.


In the early 80’s I had the opportunity to be the photographer for the King Charles Troupe; a specialty act in the Sigfreid and Roy show. A few years later I became a staff photographer for Star International magazine. Here I was able to photograph Bill Cosby, Paul Anka, Melinda (first lady of magic) and many other personalities.


In the mid 90’s I hooked up with National Park book publisher KC Publications. For 15 years I was associated with them, contributing photography, traveling to western parks to sell books, and developing a line of posters, magnets and bookmarks showcasing my photography.


Nowadays you’ll still find me photographing weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, concerts, families and pets. I’ve expanded my photography to include a new joy; GREEN SCREEN. This technology allows me to drop backgrounds behind people, pets or products taken in front of a specialized green screen.


Check out some of my galleries to see what my work is all about. I’m proud of the photographic images included and my hope is that you may also enjoy them.

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